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© Morean Arts Center

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© Groove Korea Magazine

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© Gallery i

Groove Korea Magazine - Seoul, South Korea
January 2015
Interview and personal work

August 2014
Best of Android Photographers

Gallery i - Seoul, South Korea
Rock Scissors Paper - Group Exhibition
July 2014
Collaboration work with Sidney Scallan

Café Louise - Seoul, South Korea
Featured Artist of the Month
September 2013
Included the "Face Off" personal project

Gallery Golmok - Seoul, South Korea
Urban Heat - Group Exhibition
August 2013
Collaboration work with Sidney Scallan

One Life Catalogue - Long Island City, New York
International Photography Competition
October 2012
Included "Superhero Reunion"

Photographer's Forum Magazine - Santa Barbara, California
32nd Annual Spring Photography Contest Finalist / Best of Photography 2012
August 2012
Included "Superhero Reunion"

Morean Arts Center - St. Petersburg, Florida
The Sweet Escape - Group Exhibition
January 2010 - March 2010
Included work from "My Escape"

NINE Magazine - Buffalo, New York
University at Buffalo's Art Publication
May 2007
Included personal work from "Brasil 2006"

Generation: The Art Issue - Buffalo, New York
SubBoard I, Inc. Publication
April 2007
Included personal work from "Buffalo 2005" and "Buffalo 2006"